Why Hire a Landscape Architect?

A Landscape Architect is a design professional who holds a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in landscape architecture, has professional experience under the supervision of a licensed Landscape Architect and has passed the L.A.R.E. (Landscape Architect Registration Examination).

Landscape Architects are trained to read existing soils, solar orientation, wind exposure, plants, hydrology and microclimates on a site. Through careful site analysis he or she is able to provide range of solutions appropriate to the site as well as the budget and interests of the client.  

According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, services that require a landscape architect shall include, but are not limited to the following:

• Investigation, selection and allocation of land and water resources for appropriate uses; 
• Formulation of feasibility studies, and graphic and written criteria to govern the planning, design and management of land and water resources. 
• Preparation, review and analysis of land use master plans, subdivision plans and preliminary plats; 
• Determining the location and siting of improvements, including buildings and other features, as well as the access and environs for those improvements; 
• Design of land forms, storm water drainage, soil conservation and erosion control methods, site lighting, water features, irrigation systems, plantings, pedestrian and vehicular circulation systems and related construction details.


Why Moody Landscape Architecture?

Cost – Our work is reflective of the belief that every site deserves good design. Moody Landscape Architecture offers the highest quality of professional landscape design coupled with affordable design rates.

Commitment - Moody Landscape Architecture is committed to exceeding client expectations in every phase of the project. This care extends to the people, flora and fauna that occupy every site; a promise to start each project on a path of regeneration towards a more artful, ecologically rich and sustainable future.

Quality - By working through multiple initial concepts we are able to test design alternatives and arrive at the most successful solution. Familiarity with the best product manufacturers, highest quality materials and experienced craftsman ensures that the project is completed to the highest standards. Quality is born from hard work, patience and the search for honest design solutions that beautifully and intelligently address each site.