Honest Design

Honest design is the creation of strikingly beautiful landscapes that aggressively address environmental and social disconnections from the land. Key tenets include...

Strong Bones Tough Skin – The 'bones' of the landscape are the hardscape elements- well detailed, carefully articulated architecture that frames and strengthens the landscape. Because of their evolutionary symbiosis with local birds, insects, bees and other creatures we focus on an ever changing skin of tough and low maintenance native plantsOther plants appropriate to the soil, light and water conditions on site are also considered as part of the overall plant palette.

Layers of Habitat - Vertically layered gardens attract the greatest number and diversity of wildlife.  Additions such as bird feeders and bat boxes further promote the goal of bio-diversity in the landscape.

4 Seasons - Gardens should be beautiful at all times. By selecting plants with different bloom times, varying textures and winter interest Moody Landscape Architecture is able to choreograph garden atmospheres that are constantly evolving.

Rainwater Responsibility - Increased impervious coverage has led to stream degradation and water pollution. Proper grading and plants help by slowing rainwater runoff, uptaking water through plant roots and allowing remaining water to infiltrate through the soil

Edible Gardens - Edible plants remind us that our survival depends upon the soil. Plants such as perennial onions, blueberry shrubs, serviceberry trees and paw-paw groves bring aesthetic and functional value to the garden.

Gardens are Not Natural - An important part of honest design is recognizing that gardens are constructions of creativityLandscape architecture will never attain the infinite complexity and unrivaled performance of nature. However, landscape architecture can perform and reveal while still pursuing artistic excellence.