Moody Graham is a design office located in Washington DC focused on landscape architecture, garden design, and ecological planning for private and public clients. 


In urban gardens our goal is to reclaim under-utilized area and be creative with the square footage available. We understand the challenges of limited space, difficult construction access, and the desire for a small garden to respond to multiple needs.


Community gardens, streetscapes, suburban properties, and detached city homes provide opportunities to grow food, capture rainwater, and expand the planting palette.


Estate gardens, public parks, and commercial master plans typically offer a more expansive canvas to develop landscape themes and weave experiences.


At every scale we bring bold vision and the expectation that our landscapes will perform. Clear ideas are coupled with effective presentation and an undivided attention to detail. Beyond single site projects, our research, writing, temporary installations, competition entries, product development, and overall design thinking is centered on strengthening connections between people, plants, and architecture. 


Specific services include but are not limited to:

-Strategic Planning with public and private client groups
-Site Analysis & Programming
-Masterplanning & Schematic Design
-Design Development & Construction Documents
-3D Visualization
-Construction Administration
-Professional Consultation to architects, designers, and builders


Don't hesitate to contact us today to discuss your specific questions. If the scope of work is not in our expertise we will likely be able to direct you to an allied professional that can help.